ESG is an acronym that refers to environmental, social and corporate governance criteria.

CyD’s environmental criteria correspond to an action plan focused on mitigating environmental impacts and raising awareness among both work teams and communities, associated with a strategic sustainability plan with representation in all management areas of the company.

Environmental education and training

CyD’s environmental management plan considers the education and training of employees in environmental matters through different modalities, such as courses, which are given by the company or by external organizations.

Carbon footprint reduction and mitigation

Within the framework of the ISO 14001 standard, CyD defines actions to evaluate and mitigate the environmental impacts of its operations, in accordance with the IMS Policy and commitment to environmental protection.

Goals to reduce or mitigate the carbon footprint:

Activities and external agreements

In order to promote sustainability and social commitment, a series of initiatives are implemented, such as Corporate Volunteering, where employees participate in social and environmental projects; training on waste management, energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction; and the creation of agreements with external entities that seek to promote sustainability and social responsibility.


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