Our collaborators: Cecilia Rodríguez Zencovich

By 8 June, 2023 June 13th, 2023 News

Tell us about your professional experience
I am a Construction Engineer from Universidad de la Frontera, graduated in 2004.

During my working life I have worked in inspection and execution of road works, global conservation and now in the execution of a bridge.

How did you come to CyD?
In January 2021 I assumed the position of Head of Consulting for the contract “Asesoría de Inspección Fiscal CCI Cautín, Región de la Araucanía”, in which we managed to have a very strong work team. We even won 4th place in the Organizational Climate 2021.

Currently, I am working as Chief Consultant in the contract “Replacement of the Muco Bridge and Accesses”, in the commune of Lautaro, Araucanía Region. This bridge will ensure the connectivity of the inhabitants of the nearby rural areas.

What do you think characterizes CyD?
CyD represents for me a company consolidated over time, which bet since it inception by its human capital, providing the tools and support necessary to perform their work, with emphasis on the welfare of its employees, which makes it stand out as a company among its peers.

What do you value most about the company?
What I value most about CyD is feeling the support of the company when I need it. In the development of projects, sometimes special or new situations occur that we do not always know how to deal with, where the sense of companionship between colleagues from other contracts and management is key. I appreciate that there is always someone to lend a hand and that the spirit of collaboration between the different teams is promoted.

How has been your experience working at CyD?
Very good. I feel very comfortable being part of the company. I have been trained in various topics that have been of great help, enriching my skills to do my job. I am very grateful for the incentive that CyD gives to each employee to increase their knowledge and acquire new tools to improve their performance through training.

Cecilia Rodríguez Zencovich
Chief of Consulting
Public Works Management