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Idea of Independence

Juan Enrique Cruz Salas, Project Manager of North American Company Arthur McKee, one of the largest engineering firms in the world, discovers a niche market in the area of engineering consulting.

Creation of the company

The company, initially named Juan Enrique Cruz y Cía., is a pioneer in the engineering consulting industry and is located at Augusto Leguía Norte 127, 2nd floor, in Las Condes district of Santiago.


First contract – MOP

The company was awarded its first contract with the Roads Department of the Ministerio de Obras Públicas (MOP). The contract was for a technical inspection of Loncoche – San José de la Mariquina road (Araucanía Region). Subsequently, a second contract for a technical inspection of Pichoy bridge in Valdivia was added.


New contracts – MOP

The company is awarded new contracts with the MOP. They are for the technical inspection of three roads in the south of the country: Lanco – Panguipulli / Osorno – Puerto Octay / Puerto Varas – Ensenada.

Bridges – MOP

The company is awarded an important contract with the MOP, which involves the supervision of works at a national level. This contract is about the technical inspection of 24 bridges to be converted from wood to concrete.


New partner

Engineer Benjamín Dávila Montané joins the company as a partner and its corporate name is modified. It´s now called Cruz y Dávila Ingenieros Consultores Ltda. (ie, Cruz y Dávila or the current CyD Ingeniería).

Creation of the Appraisal Department

The Appraisal Department performs arbitrations for the construction companies Delta, Brotec, Claro Vicuña Valenzuela and Figalem.


Sanitary Works – EMOS

CyD Ingeniería expands and forms the Sanitary Works Department, with a specialized team of professionals. It´s main client is Empresa Metropolitana de Obras Sanitarias (EMOS).

Private building

CyD Ingeniería is awarded its first private building inspection. This is performed in the office and apartment building “Amanecer” in Concepción.


10th Anniversary

CyD Ingeniería celebrates its 10 years of life with a team of around 100 collaborators.

New office in Concepción

CyD Ingeniería opens a new office in Concepción, the first one outside Santiago, to provide mainly public works supervision services in the south of the country. It’s located at Cochrane 758 Interior.



CyD Ingeniería performs the first registration for Codelco Chile, Chuquicamata Division, thus entering the supplier registry.

National Congress

CyD Ingeniería carries out the budget studies for the construction of the new National Congress. In addition, the client requests the company to advise the project management, a process developed by both the representatives of the outgoing government and those of the recently elected President Patricio Aylwin.


Mine tailings dams

CyD Ingeniería is awarded its first technical inspection of a tailings dam. This is performed at the El Soldado mine of Compañía Disputada of Las Condes, today part of the Anglo American group.


Villuco estate

CyD Ingeniería has been awarded the first management and technical inspection service for the urbanization of a land for residential use. This is the subdivision of the Villuco estate in Concepción, where houses will be built later.

Los Alpes sawmill

CyD is awarded the management service for the Los Alpes sawmill in Concepción, an important industrial project in the area.


Line 5 – Metro de Santiago

CyD Ingeniería is awarded its first contract with Metro de Santiago, to work specifically on the new Line 5 project. This contract becomes one of the most important for the company, as it initiates a relationship with the client of more than 29 years, which continues to this day.


Independent Engineer

CyD Ingeniería was awarded the independent engineering for the construction of the Itata Highway, north access to Concepción. This service corresponds to the first one as technical consultant for national and international banks that finance large concession projects in Chile and abroad.


20th Anniversary

CyD Ingeniería celebrates its 20 years of life with a team of about 250 collaborators.

Organizational change

CyD Ingeniería experiences a great growth, and its professionalization becomes necessary. The different Area Managements are constituted, and some managers join as partners.

New offices

After 20 years in Augusto Leguía Norte, CyD Ingeniería’s Corporate Management moves to a new office located on the 6th floor of Isidora Goyenechea 3162 in Las Condes.


Llacolén Bridge – MOP

CyD Ingeniería was awarded the first technical inspection of a large road bridge. This is the Llacolén Bridge, which crosses the Biobío river, linking the municipalities of San Pedro de la Paz and Concepción.


Carriel Sur Airport

CyD Ingeniería was awarded the first technical inspection of the Carriel Sur Airport in Concepción, which received the international airport homologation in 2009, thanks to the repairs made to its runway and the installation of an instrument landing system.

Full School Day

CyD Ingeniería has been awarded an important contract with the Ministerio de Educación (Mineduc). It is the technical inspection of the infrastructure works of the Jornada Escolar Completa plan throughout Chile, which includes more than 1,200 schools between Arica and Tierra del Fuego.



CyD Ingeniería assumes the management of the project that transforms the Valparaíso Railway into a Metrotren. It carries out large-scale engineering works, which involve, among other things, burying a section of the means of transport underground without stopping its operation.


Lines 4 y 4A – Metro de Santiago

CyD Ingeniería has been awarded the contract for the management consulting services for the new lines 4 and 4A of the Santiago subway.


Costanera Norte Highway – MOP

CyD Ingeniería participates as a consulting firm for the MOP in the construction megaproject of the Costanera Norte highway, performing the fiscal inspection for the first stage. Subsequently, in 2017 and during the expansion of the highway, it serves as technical inspection team of Sociedad Concesionaria Costanera Norte S.A., supporting the client in the external control of the work.



Due to experience in the delivery of services for Metro de Santiago and Merval de Valparaíso, CyD Ingeniería participates in the management of the Biovías project, which consists of the improvement of the road infrastructure and public transportation systems of Concepción for Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE).


ISO certifications

CyD Ingeniería gets the ISO 9001 certification on the quality of its processes. Subsequently, achieve ISO 14001 environmental certification and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certification (today ISO 45001). The three certifications are kept up to date.


Convento Viejo, El Bato and Chacrillas reservoirs – MOP

CyD Ingeniería was awarded the technical inspection of several projects of the Hydraulic Works Directorate of the MOP, including the Convento Viejo, El Bato and Chacrillas reservoirs. These works will continue until 2016. Subsequently, the Valle Hermoso, Empedrado and La Punilla reservoirs will be added.

To date, the company is the Chilean company with the greatest experience in the technical inspection of reservoirs.


30th Anniversary

CyD Ingeniería celebrates its 30th anniversary with a team of around 350 employees.

Finaliza el proceso de sucesión

The General Management of CyD Ingeniería is transferred to a new generation of professionals, Enrique Cruz Ugarte and Hugo Ortiz Sembler.

Enjoy and Dreams hotels and casinos

CyD Ingeniería has been awarded several contracts in hotels and gaming casinos, both for Enjoy and Dreams. It develops projects in Enjoy Antofagasta, Enjoy Coquimbo, Enjoy Santiago, Dreams Temuco, Dreams Valdivia, Dreams Punta Arenas and Dreams Puerto Varas.


Road and airport concessions

Due to its experience in road and airport projects, CyD Ingeniería was awarded the technical inspection of several highway and airport concessions nationwide, highlighting the service provided for the construction of the New Araucanía Airport in Temuco.


Organizational change

CyD Ingeniería begins a transformation process to prepare for a new phase of growth and development. Thus, the company is formed by a President, two General Managers, eight Operational Managers, and two Functional Managers.


Office in Antofagasta

After developing an important plan in the north of the country for four years, CyD Ingeniería marks a relevant milestone in the history of the company, when it joins the mining activity and inaugurates a new office in Antofagasta. From that time to date, the organization has important clients such as Codelco, Minera Escondida Limitada, BHP, Antofagasta Minerals, SQM, CMP, Capstone Copper, among others.

Lines 3 y 6 – Metro de Santiago

CyD Ingeniería has been awarded the management consultancy for the new lines 3 and 6 of Metro de Santiago.



Rancagua Express – EFE

CyD Ingeniería starts the consultancy and management of another EFE project. It’s the Metrotren Rancagua Express, which connects Rancagua and Santiago and whose main advantage is to reduce travel times.

Puente Bicentenario – MOP

After the 2010 earthquake, CyD Ingeniería was awarded the technical inspection of the Bicentennial Bridge in the Biobío Region. This bridge connects the municipalities of San Pedro de la Paz and Concepción and allows the transit of high tonnage vehicles.


Los Cóndores Hydroelectric Power Plant- ENEL

For the first time, ENEL outsources the technical inspection of a subway run-of-river hydroelectric power plant and does so in a consortium in which CyD Ingeniería participates. This is Los Cóndores, with an installed capacity of 150 MW, which uses water from the Laguna del Maule, through a 12-kilometer adduction tunnel built with TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), delivering energy equivalent to the demand of 200,000 homes.


Beginning of internationalization

CyD Ingeniería begins the process of internationalization in Latin America by being awarded road infrastructure projects. The inspection of the first highways under concession in Paraguay, corresponding to Routes 2 and 7, which connect Asunción with Ciudad del Este, is noteworthy.


Voluntariado Corporativo

In order to centralize the solidarity activities it constantly promotes, CyD Ingeniería created the Corporate Volunteer Program to help the neediest people in the community where the company is present. This team allows the direct participation of employees from different management areas in various initiatives of Hogar de Cristo and other foundations.


40th Anniversary

CyD Ingeniería celebrates its 40th anniversary with a team of more than 850 employees.

CyD Ingeniería continues to project itself into the future through a new generational transfer that allows young executives to take over the leadership of the different areas. Thus, Enrique Cruz Ugarte assumes the Executive Presidency and Hugo Ortiz Sembler remains as General Manager. At the same time, the company’s structure is organized into four operating areas and three functional areas.


Desalination plant expansion – MEL

CyD Ingeniería, together with the North American company CDM Smith and the client’s team, has been awarded the construction management of the expansion project of the desalination plant of Minera Escondida Ltda. (MEL), belonging to the BHP group. This plant is the largest desalination plant in South America and will minimize the mine’s inland water consumption.

Codelco’s Chuquicamata Underground project

CyD Ingeniería, together with a Chilean partner, is awarded the contract for professional support services for Codelco’s Chuquicamata Underground project. This important milestone marks the beginning of future services provided to the state-owned copper company.


Line 7 – Metro de Santiago

CyD Ingeniería, together with other partners, was awarded the detailed engineering of section B of Line 7. This is in addition to the management services that CyD Ingeniería has provided to this company.


Metro de Bogotá

Within the framework of internationalization and thanks to the experience with Metro de Santiago and Merval, CyD Ingeniería, through a Chilean-French-Colombian consortium, was awarded the management of the first line of the Metro de Bogotá, one of the most important projects in Colombia, which will contribute to improve the quality of life of thousands of families in that city.


Comité de Cuidado

While Chile and the world adapts to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Comité de Cuidado is born, with the aim of ensuring the welfare of CyD Ingeniería’s employees, thus joining the Voluntariado Corporativo. Both initiatives are part of the company’s culture and respond to the principles and values of SER CyD.


45th Anniversary

CyD Ingeniería celebrates its 45th anniversary with a team of more than 2,500 collaborators, professionals of various specialties who are deployed throughout Chile and abroad.

Change in the general management

CyD Ingeniería undergoes a new generational transfer process to face new challenges. Rodrigo Mujica Barros takes over as the new General Manager of the company and Hugo Ortiz Sembler becomes the new Executive Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Concession AVO II

CyD Ingeniería was awarded the supervision of the Américo Vespucio Oriente II (AVO II) works, a new subway urban highway of more than 5 kilometers in length and an investment of US$ 700 million.

Metro de Santiago

CyD Ingeniería, together with a Chilean partner, is awarded the detailed engineering for the extension of Line 6, as well as 6 stations of section A of Line 7. At the same time, it starts the development of the conceptual engineering for Lines 8 and 9 and later the basic engineering of Line 9, among other projects.

Codelco desalination plant

CyD Ingeniería, together with North American partners, has been awarded the counterpart engineering support during construction and commissioning of the desalination plant and water conveyance system for Codelco Distrito Norte, which will reduce inland water consumption.

Hospitals, mining and energy

Today the company is present in the most important public hospital projects in the country, providing advisory services to the fiscal inspection during construction and operation. In addition, it has an outstanding participation in important mining contracts, with more than 1,200 professionals. It also actively participates in renewable energy projects with multiple clients.

Thanks to its wide experience in various fields, CyD Ingeniería remains as a reference in the field of consulting engineering in Chile.