AVO II: Américo Vespucio Oriente concession, Avenida Príncipe de Gales – Los Presidentes section

By 19 July, 2023 August 7th, 2023 News, news, Noticias

We want to share with you a very important project in which CyD Ingeniería is actively participating with the aim of improving the quality of life of the residents of the Metropolitan region.

This is the “Américo Vespucio Oriente concession, Avenida Príncipe de Gales – Los Presidentes section”, known as AVO II. This project includes the construction and operation of a 5.2 kilometer long tunnel that crosses the communes of La Reina, Ñuñoa, Macul and Peñalolén, under Américo Vespucio Avenue / Ossa Avenue and Santiago Metro Line 4. Connecting with AVO I and Route 78, this tunnel will close the Américo Vespucio ring road, one of the most important structuring axes of Santiago.

The new infrastructure provided by AVO II will not only significantly reduce travel times and traffic congestion, but also includes a complete urban redevelopment on the surface, with an area of ​​62,000 square meters devoted to green spaces. In addition, the implementation of a two-way bike path and the improvement of the public transport corridor in the area have been planned.

We want to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Public Works for their confidence in our work, as well as to the CyD Ingeniería team in charge of carrying out the Consultancy for the Fiscal Inspection of the project.